Summer Camp 2018

Camp Friedlander is the premier Boy Scout Summer Camp program with a wide variety of merit badge options, activities for younger and older Scouts, training opportunities for adult leaders, and some of the best camping facilities in the country. Each summer, thousands of Scouts from across the nation (and the world!) make Camp Friedlander their summer camp home for a fun week of learning, achievement, leadership, and Scouting at its best. Troop 128 has a long standing tradition of participating and leading at Summer Camp. In 2018, we will continue that tradition


June 24 through June 30


2/19/18 (with your 1st payment of $100). Please have a permission form filled out when you submit the first payment. A permission slip is available in the Forms section. The total cost of camp is $280 as long as the first payment is made. If you miss the April payment the cost of camp goes to $300. Please note that there are no refunds as this money is paid to the Dan Beard Council and we cannot get it back.


2/26/18 is the last day to turn in merit badge selections. Merit badges are available on a first come / first serve basis. We make merit badge requests in the order of first payments and permission slips. See the merit badge schedule under the Forms sections. You can use the merit badge schedule and simply circle your selections. Please choose 2 options for each timeslot. Label them as 1 or 2 (with 1 being a first choice and 2 being the second choice.) Optionally, you can use the Merit Badge Scheduler worksheet. This is an Excel based worksheet. Please follow the instructions in the Excel file.


$300 (if you sign up in February after that)


  1. DUE 2/19/18 - $100
  2. DUE 4/2/18 - $100
  3. DUE 5/7/18 - $100

Online payments are accepted via PayPal using the registration links in the weekly Troopmaster Emails.


All merit badge fees are included in the cost of Summer Camp. We still recommend that scouts bring money to summer camp. See "What to bring to camp" and the essential items list


At any time, you can check to verify the accuracy of your sons Summer Camp sign up process. We keep the the signup process in an online tracking sheet. CLICK HERE to visit the online tracking sheet.

Key Dates and Timelines

What to bring to camp

PLEASE label everything that your scout brings to camp. If you can believe this, your son loses his stuff from time to time. With his name on the item it makes it so much easier!




How to pack


Pack in Rubbermaid-type totes.

I am using a 25 gal tub but there have been bigger and smaller ones used. It makes a good headboard table too. Overflow, such a sleeping bag and pillow, can go in a sturdy duffle bag or double garbage bag (labeled with tape). We don't recommend a frame back pack - they don't pack well in the trailer, can get caught on things when unloading the trailer and get thrown under the cot in the tent (from there it can get smashed or kicked out of the tent completely, and you paid too much $ for that to happen).

Put everything possible in the tub, except the bag chair, day pack and snack box. The chair and snack box will go into the trailer and he'll need his pack with him on Sunday.

I still pack by the day - all clothes for the day are together in a plastic grocery bag. Extras are in another bag. Sleeping clothes can be put in a separate bag. An alternate sleeping option is to pack bottoms and socks in a bag. Pull out the bag of clothes for the next day, get the shirt and wear it to sleep in with the sleeping bottoms. With this method, you always sleep in a clean shirt and you're half dressed when you wake up.


On Sunday(drop off day), your scout should have the following items in his day pack. This will be inspected on Sunday!
Full water bottle, sunscreen, swimsuit and towel (if you didn't take swim test), substantial snack that wont melt in the heat, a hat, sunglasses,and his spending money
Throughout the week, your scout should utilize the day pack to carry the following items



Any campers (youth or adult) that will arrive at camp outside the normal check-in time must register at the camp office and get a camp ID bracelet. It is also important that any camper leaving the property sign-out at the office. In the event of an emergency, it is important that we know who is in camp at all times. Everyone in camp will be given a camp ID bracelet which must be worn at all times.

All visitors must sign in and sign out at the Administration building and get a camp ID bracelet. Any visitor who has not registered may be asked to leave camp. It is important for safety that we know who is visiting our camp and when. Visitors who intend to eat a meal at camp can purchase a meal ticket at the camp office. Meal rates are as follows: Breakfast - $5.00; Lunch - $6.00; Dinner - $7.00.


Troops attending camp from the Dan Beard Council are provided secondary medical insurance coverage through registration and charter renewal. Out of council troops attending Camp Friedlander are required to show proof of accident insurance and a tour permit during check-in.


Precautions for the safety of all Scouts and adults are paramount in the development of our programs and facilities. In the event medical needs arise while you are in camp, our health and first aid facilities are available with qualified personnel on duty 24 hours a day. Additionally, we have an agreement with Bethesda North Hospital, located seven miles from Camp Friedlander on Montgomery Road to handle any emergency that exceeds the capability of our trained medical staff.

All emergency plans will be reviewed at the leader's meeting and posted at the Administration building, each campsite, and each program area. In the event of a camp emergency, it is essential that staff direction be followed to maintain order and safety.


Every Scout, adult, and visitor staying overnight is required to submit a "BSA Annual Health and Medical Record" with parts A, B, and C completed upon arrival to camp. A completed form includes a copy of the participant's medical insurance card. This form requires an annual update by a certified and licensed healthcare provider. This form must be updated and signed within 12 months of the date you will leave camp. Only submit copies of medical forms; do not submit originals. Do not mail medical forms to the council office; bring them to camp. An electronic version of the form can be found in the Forms section of this site


Camper meds and prescriptions will be handled the same way they are for campouts. The Troop Medication form should be filled out with detail about the meds, dosage and time and included with the meds in the original container, in a gallon Ziploc. The troop medication form is the second page of the permission slip. Please make another copy of your troop medication form and put it in the ziplock bag

Since this is for a longer time period, an option that we have found successful for scouts with multiple medications is to include #1 - #6 and a brief pill description on the Troop Medication form. The medications may be put in a weekly pill minder, labeled with the scout's name and AM or PM to match the dosage time.

Over-the-counter meds may be added to the Medications list and kept in the original container or put in a labeled smaller container or Ziploc bag for as-needed use.

PUT ALL MEDS IN 1 GALLON ZIPLOCK with the Medication Form.

This is a lot of paper work and detail, but this is for your child's safety in an emergency.

ALL medications, prescription and non-prescription, brought to camp by Scouts and adults are REQUIRED to be secured in a locked storage. This policy may seem too strict for over-the-counter medications; however, if a camper consumes medication that is not meant for them, it has deadly potential. There will be certain exceptions for lifesaving medications to be carried at camp. Our health officers will make this decision during the medical record review.

A designated troop leader should be named responsible for storing and distributing medications

within the troop's campsite upon approval of the Health Officer. The camp can provide lockable storage and medication logs upon request. Medications requiring refrigeration will be stored at the Health Lodge. Medication must be in the original container and contain the following information:

  1. Camper's name
  2. troop #
  3. Prescription number
  4. Name of medication
  5. Name of prescribing physician
  6. Date prescribed
  7. Directions for use


In an effort to minimize damage to Camp Friedlander's tents and equipment, we will continue to utilize the campsite check-in/out procedure. Unit leaders will be asked to thoroughly inspect each tent and indicate any damage found on a form provided by the troop guide. This form must be returned to the Commissioner on Sunday. When your troop checks out, the troop guide will inspect all tents. The troop will be charged for any damage found that was not indicated on the check-in inspection form.


In order to release a camper prior to Saturday morning, an Early Release form for the Scout must be submitted upon arrival at camp. If this form is not on file in the camp office at the time of release, the Scoutmaster will be required to personally sign to release the Scout leaving camp. There are no exceptions to this policy. The Early Release Form can be found in the Forms section below.

Picking your scout up from camp during the week is always kind of tricky. They can miss some of their merit badge sessions or evening activities. When they have an incomplete merit badge or missed an open area activity, it can be disappointing.

The Early Release Form must be signed by a parent and our campmaster, Jim Hansbauer, before we turn them in at registration Sunday, 6/26. We will not have time to take care of this when we meet Sunday.

Use one form for each time you will be picking up your scout; the Camp Office files them by day. Please discuss these with your scout beforehand; a sturdy watch comes in handy.

Parents must stop by the office and sign in, find your scout, go back by the office to sign him and yourself out. The office staff will pull the Early Release Form and the parent will complete the bottom portion of the form. When you return your scout, go to the office to sign you both in. Walk your scout back to the campsite or other prearranged location.

Please text or call Jim (513-307-9844) and confirm the pickup and return if you don't speak to him at the time. This sounds like a lot of trouble, but we have 40 scouts we like to keep track of.


Mail and care packages are always encouraged at Camp Friedlander. Campers (and the Camp Director) love to receive a letter from home. Mail service takes about two days; please consider this when getting a letter prepared and include a return address in case it arrives after your troop leaves. The envelope should be addressed as follows:

Scout Name -- Campsite and Troop # Camp Friedlander 581 Ibold Rd. Loveland, OH 45140

The Camp Director is partial to chocolate chip cookies and brownies! An occasional pie is also welcomed!

There is an emergency telephone number at Camp Friedlander. The number is (513) 8318311. A staff member mans this phone during program hours. Only emergency calls are accepted for campers. There is a camper courtesy phone, located at the Administration building, which is accessible during office hours. Scouts are only permitted to use the phone when accompanied by an adult leader.


The camp owns and maintains its own shooting and archery equipment. Scouts and adults should not bring their personal firearms or shooting equipment from home. Participants with disabilities may be permitted to bring specialized personal shooting equipment, however, please contact the camp office prior to arrival to secure approval from the Shooting Sports Director and Camp Director.


Modern shower facilities are available throughout Camp Friedlander with separate areas for Scouts and adults. Adult facilities are private, unisex bathrooms, each with a shower, toilet, and sink. When available, go in and lock the door behind you, whether male or female. Wheelchair accessible facilities are available for both Scouts and adults upon request. Each shower house serves several campsites. Campsites should share in the daily upkeep and cleanliness of the facility. A cleaning assignment schedule will be shared with you at the beginning of the week.


Mealtime is often the favorite time of the day, as the entire camp comes together for good food, fellowship, and a break from the day. All meals are served in the dining hall and are served promptly after assembly on the parade field. Meals are served cafeteria style, and an alternative entrée is available at lunch and dinner (cold cut sandwiches and peanut butter & jelly). Lunch and dinner also include a well-stocked salad bar.


In accordance with BSA policy and safety regulations, personal vehicles (including golf carts) are not permitted in camp. Exceptions are made for adults with handicap needs -- please contact the camp prior to arrival to secure a handicap pass that will allow you beyond the camp gates. The parking lot is clearly marked and just outside the entrance to camp. Only emergency and maintenance vehicles will be allowed to park at the Administration building. This policy is for the safety of all campers. We appreciate your cooperation in parking only in designated areas.


The ranger staff will haul your troop's trailer to your campsite upon your arrival at camp. For space considerations, please limit your unit to one trailer per campsite. The camp provides twowheeled carts that can be used to haul any troop or personal gear that is not in a trailer. There are no exceptions to this policy. Please be prepared accordingly. Carts are stored in the cart corral and must be returned when campers are done using them. Carts should not be kept in campsites for an extended period.


Camp Friedlander is a tobacco-free facility. Smoking, vaping or tobacco use of any kind in front of any camper, adult, or staff member is strictly prohibited. The only designated tobacco use area in camp is inside your vehicle in the parking lot. Anyone who violates this policy may be asked to leave camp. Alcoholic beverages are never permitted on Boy Scout property. Please help the camp enforce these rules by making sure all leaders and parents in your troop are aware of this policy.


For the safety of all camp participants, open-toed shoes are not permitted to be worn around camp.


Scouts are not permitted to use personal electronics during programs, unless it is program related and approved by the Area Director. Scouts are only permitted to charge personal items in designated areas. Permitting the use of personal electronics by Scouts is always at the discretion of the unit leadership.


Every Scout will be asked to take a swim test in order to show his current swimming skill. While swim tests will be offered soon after arrival, your troop may find it convenient to perform swim tests prior to camp using the "Swim Classification Record" found online in the Forms section. Camp Friedlander will accept pre-camp swim classification tests conducted by qualified adults. The camp aquatics director reserves the right to retest all participants to assure that swim standards have been met. Qualified aquatics instructors include, but are not limited to:  Aquatics Instructor, BSA  BSA Lifeguard  BSA NCS Aquatics Supervisor  BSA Swimming & Water Rescue  American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor  School Swim Coach 


Family Night

Friday Night is Family Night

All Scout parents and families are invited to take part in our Camp Friedlander family night to see and experience all of the fun and adventure that the Scouts have taken part in during their week at summer camp. All family members are invited to come out to camp and participate in our end of the week finale. Family night will begin at 5 p.m. on Friday night. Dinner will be served continuously from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Dining Hall.

Meal tickets are $7 each and should be reserved through the Troop prior to arrival to be submitted upon check-in.

Following dinner, camp will have open program areas. Scouts can guide families on a tour of the camp and show off their campsites. We recommend wearing good walking shoes. Open-toed shoes are not permitted in camp for safety reasons.

A closing flag ceremony will be held at 8:45 p.m. followed by the closing campfire. All guests are invited to stay for the show.

Our Troop recommends skipping the dinner offered in the dining hall and making alternate plans with your scout before camp begins. Over the years families have enjoyed many different supper options:

  1. Your scout eats at camp @ 5:30, you eat at home and meet him @ the campsite (Terhar) at a predetermined time (after he eats). You hang out and he shows you around.
  2. You meet your scout in the dining hall @ 5:30 with a dinner from the outside world (KFC, McD's, pizza, his favorite homemade potato salad and bbq chicken). You hang out, he shows you around.
  3. You bring a picnic supper and meet him at Terhar and eat under our shelter. You may want to bring your chairs. You can bring fishing poles and fish in the lake.

You get the idea.

Whatever your plans are, discuss them with your scout before camp. If you say you will be there @ 6, BE THERE @ 6. By Friday everyone is tired and if mom and dad are 2 minutes late, the world comes to an end.


These are forms necessary


Your scout will have lots to accomplish at Summer Camp. He will also have many extra programs available to him throughout the week. These programs are open to any scout. See below for more details


Many program areas have some type of open program every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. This provides an opportunity for Scouts to simply do something with their buddy, or for a patrol or the entire troop to try an activity together. All activities are open on a first come-first served basis.

The following schedule is typical. Changes may occur, check back often!

Daily Programs

Always available: Basketball court, baseball diamond, horseshoes, gaga pits, and disc golf (discs may be borrowed from the Trading Post)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday -- 7:00 pm -- 9:00 pm and Friday 7:00 pm -- 8:30 pm